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NavMD got its start in 2005 but the real story began in 1978 when founder Ernest Youngblood purchased one of the first personal computers the Durango F-85. At the time, Ernest was a young life insurance salesman that wanted to “stand out” by helping his clients build wealth. He created an analytics platform that helped him gain insights to guide his clients by creating a plan to build wealth faster. This platform was instrumental with him becoming one of the largest insurance producers in the South.

Many of his clients started relying on him to provide advice for their company benefits. That’s when he realized that healthcare in America is broken and the only way to make a difference is to build a platform that aggregates multiple data sources to provide key insights and allow brokers to identify opportunities to fix issues and guide employers – better health, better value and better care!

NavMD pioneered Health Intelligence – there isn’t a platform that “digs deeper” to provide meaningful data insights to advocate positive change.

Today, our mission is to Revolutionize Healthcare – that’s why we are continuing to partner with Consultants and Employers to provide tools and resources that make a difference.

Health Intelligence Software

Best in Class

Deliver “best in class” technology -- anchored by deeper analytics.  Our member-level dive helps our partners tell clearer stories, provide root cause analysis and help with predictive modeling and machine learning.  As a result, it fosters long-term partnerships to help all stakeholders succeed – employers, employees, brokers, consultants.  

Bridge the Chasm

Build the bridge from limited reporting to meaningful information that deliver better benefits for employers, employees, brokers and consultants.

Define the Curve

Be set-apart, unique, different and special – NavMD is the pace car and benchmark for Health Intelligence!


Trusted leader in data integrity – companies can have absolute certainty that our data integration process delivers quality data and accuracy that you can trust!


When you subscribe NavMD’s health analytics platform, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world. You help us invest our profits to tackle rising health costs and provide access to quality medical care in all communities near and far.

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