Better Data Means Better Decisions

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Fortunately, now you can measure more than ever before. NavMD™ takes data integration and applied analytics to a whole new level. We see it over and over again as business leaders take their first test drive of the NavMD™ Analytics experience. Their first question is always some variation of “how on earth did we manage without this?”

All this newfound power is organized around three main components:

Analytics & Reporting

NavMD™ Analytics’ proprietary data structure allows for high-level group and cohort analysis at every level. Intuitive, dynamic dashboards and reports let you focus down to specific conditions for individual members.

You also gain newfound insight into patient compliance levels based on best practice guidelines, care standards and prevention screenings.

“What If” Plan Modeling

A suite of highly predictive modeling tools lets you compare hypothetical plan strategies based on actual claims history for your population. Now you can easily forecast potential savings, calculate cost shifts and understand every nuance of a plan design’s potential impact.

These realistic simulations are expressly designed to improve wellness, save money and maximize efficiency.

Performance Tracking & Monitoring

NavMD™ Analytics’ tracking and monitoring features let you set up monthly alerts on cost, compliance and enrollment activity. This allows you to intervene when necessary and relevant.

Create alerts for changes in total plan members. Track your total costs in real time, comparing them against goals. Keep your finger on the all-important pulse of member compliance. Monitoring can be defined to operate continuously, or narrowed to specific windows of time.

The important thing is that you’re in control, now and in the future.