Getting a firm grip on healthcare has never been more important.

If your CFO is like most these days, there’s a gro

wing feeling that healthcare spend has taken on a life of its own. And for good reason – at a growth rate of 6-8% every year, it’s typically the second largest line item on the income statement.

To further complicate things, in-demand employees now see the benefit package as a key differentiator between potential employers. Bottom line: none of us can afford to hold onto a dated view of healthcare. It’s time to take control.

The best vision, for the best decisions.

NavMD™ gives you the insights and clarity required to make smart, defensible business moves. We equip you to decide exactly where it pays to spend money on wellness programs, providing predictive data and ROI metrics to back up those decisions. We also make it easy to model proposed changes so you can gauge their impact well in advance.

Just as important, we provide knowledge and perspectives to help you forge advantageous partnerships directly with providers. Approached with sufficient wisdom, this growing trend can represent a healthy change for all concerned.