Analytics, advocacy and action for the real world.

Better, more efficient care is more than just a common-sense goal – it’s the standard by which your entire team’s performance will now be measured. NavMD™ gives you the ability to demonstrate ROI and program efficacy like never before. This provides a solid foundation that enables a health system to blaze its own trail in the emerging world of narrow-network health plans.

For systems embracing the population health management paradigm for the first time, our tools give you an excellent place to start: your own employee base.   We’ll keep your people healthy while helping you minimize the financial risks inherent in administering your own plan. There’s no more direct way to gain confidence and experience in value-based care delivery, and to begin developing significant new revenue streams that an outcome-based world demands.

The best possible data, right at the point of care.

Accessible information, and higher-quality information, are key requirements for gaining the kind of predictive insights needed to maximize success on healthcare’s new frontier of reimbursement models. Now any clinical staff can more effectively balance care quality with cost. They can deliver better outcomes thanks to accurate, real-time data presented where and when it’s most needed.

Our new tools make it easier than ever to identify and rectify gaps in care. Their predictive nature also makes it far easier to improve wellness for employees and plan members across the board – especially those with chronic conditions.

The big picture? Our industry is changing like never before. But with the right outlook, the biggest challenges can indeed hold the greatest opportunities.