Introducing PowerNav

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Bringing custom visualizations, standard reporting content, and workflow automation right in AVISO. 

PowerNav is one of the newest features in the AVISO platform and takes data analytics to the next level! With PowerNav’s custom dashboards, standard reporting content, and workflow automation, users are able to take advantage of a truly customized experience to get the most out of their plan’s data. 

Customize your experience  

With over 100 configurable chart types and visualization cards available, PowerNav users can customize and tailor their dashboards based on metrics that mean the most to them and their business. This new custom experience allows users to put their data to work faster by showing them the most critical data relevant to their specific needs.  

Streamline reporting  

Facilitate a truly connected business by providing everyone with the data insights they need to collaborate, make confident decisions, and streamline business processes. Whether you’re an HR manager preparing a report for the C-suite or a Benefits Advisor going into a renewal meeting, build a single source of truth around your data, getting your teams on the same page. 

Create automated reporting, share real-time insights across teams, and deliver value to your customers and partners with standard presentation decks, Marketplace Partner savings analyses, and custom standard content. Have peace of mind knowing our row-level security, built-in integrity, and audit checks ensure your data is safe when sharing.  

Simplify and automate your workflow 

PowerNav automation technology allows you to simplify your workflow. Know immediately when data changes and action is required by setting notifications with scheduled and threshold custom alerts. Users can also automate report scheduling to send reports and dashboards to specific users or groups on a custom schedule to fit their needs.  

AVISO, our web-based platform, allows users to access their data from their computer, tablet, or device for real-time insights anytime, anyplace—all in a simple interface. It’s time to get insights faster and make your ecosystem more agile and responsive. Say hello to PowerNav! 

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