The all-in-one health analytics platform

Our all-in-one health platform provides you with in-depth insights, predictive analytics and is flexible and intuitive to use.

  • Leverage clinical, financial and experiential reporting to track trends and identify high-cost claimants to determine gaps in care.
  • Analyze cost trends, mitigate emerging risk and manage compliance.
  • Deliver customer branded reports and insights that elevate the visual quality of your customer’s documentation and brand.

Move forward faster with the NavMD: AVISO platform.

Data Management

Speed meets precision.

Data management is the foundation of any successful analytics platform. We will secure and enrich your data in less than 60 days, 4X faster than our competitors. And we’ll guarantee the safety and accuracy of all data we manage within our platform.

Features of NavMD: AVISO

Plan Cost vs. Budget

Understand plan cost to budget and easily identify where overages occur.

Emerging Risk

Identify where your population’s predicted emerging risk is headed to mitigate high risk claims before they happen.

Health Segmentation

Understand the chronic disease burden of your health plan to focus in on what is driving costs.

High-Cost Claimants

Predict cost and risk for every member for stop-loss premium reductions and population health management solutions.

Plan Modeling

See financial savings/costs from a plan’s perspective down to members impacted positively or negatively by a change.


Isolate specialty medications  for carve-out or injectable drugs going through medical plan for intervention.

Compliance Monitoring

Measure compliance to evidence-based medicine protocols for proactive engagement, increasing compliance to mitigate cost and risk.

Wellness Investment

Understand the value of reducing risk through increasing compliance: position cost and ROI to the plan through value-based modeling.

Marketplace solutions that save money and drive results

Marketplace solutions designed to help your customers save money, provide quality care and drive lasting results to their health plans. Unlike our competitors, the NavMD: AVISO platform is access to our vetted and experienced solutions specialists to remediate areas of overspending.

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