Marketplace Solutions

Solutions in minutes, not days.

Help your customers find vetted point solutions that work for their employee population, saving money, providing better care, and driving lasting results. 

Once an employee population is integrated into NavMD: Aviso, you’ll be able to see potential savings with any specific point solution. Once that solution is implemented, we track its success and share ROI insights with you.

Find solutions faster with NavMD: Aviso.

Integrated Solutions Partners

Our exclusive marketplace points you in the right direction to take action on the insights we provide through NavMD: AVISO.

Identify Emerging Risk

Identify where your population’s emerging risks are headed and mitigate high-risk claims before they happen.

Choose a Solution Partner

After you’ve identified a point of interest, our health strategy team facilitates coordination to a vetted solution partner.

See & Track Results

Once connected with a solution partner, NavMD will continually monitor and track the performance of the deployed solution to ensure expected success.

Become a solutions partner.

More exposure means more business.

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Target Market

NavMD works with thousands of benefit advisors and employers who are in search of proven cost containment strategies. Once you’re built into the NavMD Marketplace, advisors and employers are able to see your potential impact on their plan and connect with you right within our platform.


Once a benefit advisor or employer identifies your solution as a cost containment strategy, a dedicated NavMD team member will educate and qualify the plan for you, saving your sales and marketing teams countless hours of emails, meetings and phone calls.

Qualified Leads

If your services are a fit for the plan, a NavMD team member will coordinate an introductory meeting to deliver a hot and qualified opportunity right to your team. And once you’re ready to onboard the plan, the data is ready right in our platform.

What does it mean to be a Solution Partner?

We work behind the scenes to find vetted and proven solution partners for our Marketplace that help save money, provide better care, and drive lasting results – it’s part of our expertise.

Proven & Trusted

  • Has been in business for at least 3 years.
  • Offer third party validation with results of their product/service.


  • Provide access to member, service, and/or program utilization and results.
  • Share data with approved authorized marketplace partners and client partners, including NavMD.

Share & drive mutual success

  • Support routine client training sessions.
  • Believe in what we are accomplishing for our mutual clients.

Value-Based Business Practices

  • Focus on value creation, rather than expense to the system.
  • Offer performance guarantees or business model arrangements based on shared savings.

Join the NavMD Marketplace

Interested in growing your business? NavMD Marketplace can help you get there.

Do you have a healthcare solution that could help Benefit Advisors, Employers, and members? Join our growing list of vetted and proven point solutions!

Once integrated into AVISO, users will be able to see potential savings with a point solution. After a solution is implemented, we track success and provide a road map to prove it.