Solutions in minutes, not days.

Benefit Advisors and Employers have limited time to sort through available solutions and to differentiate those with proven outcomes.

Let that be our job! We partner with vetted and experienced solution specialists for our Marketplace that help save money, provide better care, and drive lasting results.

When it comes to healthcare plans, we understand that time is of the essence. 

Integrated Solutions Partners

Our exclusive marketplace points you in the right direction
to take action on the insights we provide through AVISO.

Identify Emerging Risk

Identify where your population’s emerging risks are headed and mitigate high-risk claims before they happen.

Choose a Solution Partner

After you’ve identified a point of interest, The Health Strategy Team facilitates coordination to a vetted solution partner.

See & Track Results

Once connected with a solution partner, NavMD will continually monitor and track the performance of the deployed solution to ensure expected success.

NavMD’s Vetted Solutions Partners


Become a solutions partner.

Employees conversing about work

Do you have a healthcare solution that could help Benefit Advisors, Employers, and members? Join our growing list of vetted and proven point solutions!

Once integrated into AVISO, users will be able to see potential savings with a point solution. After a solution is implemented, we track success and provide a road map to prove it.

Revolutionize Healthcare

We’re looking for innovators to join our platform and change how Benefit Advisors, Employers, and members think about healthcare.

New Opportunities

With the NavMD Marketplace built into AVISO, users connect with solution partners in seconds, saving you and your sales team time and money.

Premier Partnership

When you join the NavMD Marketplace, you’re joining a select few solution partners that have been endorsed to be the best in the market.