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Revolutionizing healthcare for 172 million Americans one partnership at a time.

In 2005, we set out to deliver the best-in-class intelligence platform to help businesses reduce the cost of their health plan.

We remain as focused as ever and have built a team who is ALL IN on helping us achieve our goals and changing the narrative of healthcare for good.

Meet the Team

Josephine Alvey headshot

Josephine Alvey

Sales and Marketing Coordinator


Aaron Brown

Vice President of Data & Analytics

Joe headshot

Joe Bush


Bradley Berger headshot

Bradley Berger


Bruce Campbell headshot

Dr. Bruce Campbell

Chief Medical Officer

Brett Carmical headshot

Brett Carmical

Director of Human Resources

Courtney Conrad headshot

Courtney Conrad



Jacob Davis

Director of Data Engineering


Jack Dierks

Business Intelligence Developer

Chad Ferguson headshot

Chad Ferguson

Director of Client Success

Glenn Fisher headshot

Glenn Fisher

Chief Executive Officer


Jack Griffin

Sales Executive

Jayson Kuti headshot

Jayson Kuti

Board Member


Jessica Lea

Pharmacy Advisory, TRIA Health

Bill Marshall headshot

Bill Marshall

Chief Technology Officer


Maria Reyes Martinez

Staff Accountant


Stephanie Nemer

Client Success Manager


Oliver Nichols

Data Engineer

Sara Schiltz headshot

Sarah Schiltz

Chief Financial Officer

Don Schmidt headshot

Don Schmidt

Chief Creative Officer

Alok Srivastava headshot

Alok Srivastava

Chief Operating Officer

Emily Van Dyke headshot

Emily Van Dyke

Director of Finance

Bailey Warlen headshot

Bailey Warlen

Director of Marketing


Ryan Wunder

Business Intelligence Developer


Eric Zaremba

Manager, Analytics and Business Intelligence


Bethany Zimbelman

Finance Lead


We believe a great company is built from the inside out.

These are our values that hold us accountable.

Win Together

Together, we make progress because we are stronger as a team, united by building relationships and creating partnerships that drive change.

Inspire Impact

We are inspired to make every moment count - to change lives and make a difference through hard work and generosity.

Stay Curious

15 years ago, we pioneered the first Health Analytics platform with a vision to provide better health, better value, and better care with actionable data.

Be Bold

To achieve the extraordinary,
we must be fearless,
courageous, flexible,
and humble.

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