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NavMD’s in-depth insights, predictive analytics and flexible, intuitive platform empower you to quickly model healthcare risks before you win the business – and our automated tasks let you focus on strategies to win more business.

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In-depth Insights

Get access to data on any size plan that gives you actionable, in-depth insights to win more business and connect with employers in a whole new way.

Predictive Analytics

Easily predict the impact of cost containment strategies and plan design changes. You’ll even be able to predict the risks of prospective employer groups before you’ve even won the business.

No one else does that.

Flexible & Intuitive

Get things done faster with robust task automation, and easily monitor performance with instantly configurable dashboards and easily customized reports.  

Data insights that help you become the most interesting Advisor TPA Carrier Solution in the room.

Secure and Enrich Your Data in Less Than 60 Days

That's 4X Faster

Competitors typically require 9-10 months to launch, while NavMD works on behalf of clients to acquire, transform and enrich your data in just 60 days.

Fideli Group went live in 31 days. XXXXXXX Group went live in 36 days. YYYYY Company went live in 38 days. ZZZZZ went live in in 32 days.

Leverage Standardized Content

On day 1 you get clinical, financial and experiential reporting to track trends, identify hot spots and high-cost claimants, and determine gaps in care.

Pre-canned content comes enabled with dynamic filtering with deep drill down capabilities, saving you countless hours using data automation.

Real-Time Plan Modeling

By organizing data into meaningful episodes of care it makes it easier to analyze cost trends, mitigate emerging risk, and manage compliance.

Use our calculator to assess different scenarios or incentivize situations; determine employer and employee impact on raising or lowering deductibles.

Bring Your Brand to Life Through Customized Reports

Our platform gives you the opportunity to move beyond pre-built, generic visualizations to create customized, branded reports that deliver a well-defined, professional presentation that delivers a stronger impact to your clients.
When it comes to healthcare plans, we understand that time is of the essence, and you have limited time to sort through available solutions to differentiate those with proven outcomes.

That’s why we partner with vetted and experienced solutions specialists that help save money, provide better care, and drive lasting results, building high-performance health plans.

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