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NavMD has created a financial reporting solution that has reduced our time from 20 hours [per week] to one to two hours, freeing up valuable time for our employees to focus on client and member facing engagements.

Courtney Schwagler,
Director of Health Strategy, Advanced Benefits



Gathering data manually is no longer an efficient use of time. With the ability to pull automated reports, AVISO’s financial reporting can save you 20 hours per week.


“Data is dumb on its own.”
By partnering with NavMD, data becomes actionable and more meaningful
to clients.


NavMD provides better tools and resources that allow clients to focus on population health management, leading to better care and cost-savings.

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Optimize Plan Performance

Have a tool on your side that is proven to drive results for any size, any plan.

Drive More Opportunities

You’re a health benefits expert; spend less time cleaning and normalizing health plan data and more time advising on solutions that create value.

Strengthen Relationships

Spend more time face to face with your clients, delivering solutions that make you stand out in the market.