Connect your data insights to vetted solutions.

Goodbye static reporting.
Hello actionable insights.

Employers and members are looking for better health benefits and to achieve cost savings where they can. And they’re looking for you to deliver.

Introducing AVISO.

Best-in-class dashboards and insights built into a single platform. Complete data and AI has the capability to identify members at high risk and coordinate with them to develop a plan of action.

Unlike our competitors, AVISO connects the insights from the data to proven and vetted solutions partners to remediate areas of overspending.

The all-in-one population health management platform.

Plan, organize and track all of your health plans in one place.

Data Management

Speed meets precision.

Data management is the foundation of any successful analytics platform. While we guarantee a swift approach to getting AVISO up and running to support your business goals, we don’t compromise on safety and accuracy.

Our team reviews various data points throughout each step of the process, working with data partners to ensure accuracy and reporting a data quality scorecard when the data is ready to use.

NavMD employs a variety of methods to keep your client’s data secure, including both technical and physical controls, as well as a rigorous and comprehensive security training program for all NavMD team members.


Data with no boundaries.

With PowerNav’s custom dashboards, standard reporting content, and workflow automation, users can take advantage of a truly customized experience to get the most out of their plan’s data. 

Plan Cost vs Budget
Understand plan cost to budget and easily identify where overages occur.
Emerging Risk
Identify where your population’s predicted emerging risk is headed to mitigate high risk claims before they happen.
Health Segmentation
Understand the Chronic Disease Burden of your health plan to focus in on what is driving cost.
Plan Modeling
See financial savings/costs from a plans' perspective down to members impacted positively or negatively by a change.
Isolate specialty medications for carve-out or injectable drugs going through the medical plan for intervention.
High-Cost Claimants
Predict cost and risk for every member for stop-loss premium reductions and population health management solutions.
Wellness Investment
Understand the value of reducing risk through increasing compliance: potential cost and ROI to the plan through value-based modeling.
Compliance Monitoring
Measure compliance to evidence-based medicine protocols for proactive engagement, increasing compliance to mitigate cost & risk.


NavProtect main logo

Protect medical data with NavProtect.

29 million healthcare records were breached last year.

The worst part? Most people were unaware that their private information had fallen into the wrong hands.

NavProtect fights back against medical fraud, over-billing, and guards against privacy intrusions.

Integrated into AVISO, NavProtect has audited $500 million in medical bills and returned over $15 million to employers and $130 million to members.

$325 Billion

Over 325 billion dollars are lost to medical overbilling and fraud each year.

40x More Valuable

Your medical data is 40 times more valuable than your credit card on the black market.


66% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical billing issues.