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Pharmacogenomics improves quality of healthcare and saves thousands on health benefit plans. Hear from Brad Tice, Founder and CEO of RxGenomix in our latest marketplace webinar.


  • Who is RxGenomix?
  • What is pharmacogenomics?
  • How can pharmacogenomics help control the cost of healthcare, and the severity of claims?
  • What is the value proposition of NavMD and RxGenomix within the marketplace?

Brad Tice, PharmD, MBA, FAPhA is the Founder and CEO of RxGenomix. His career has spanned the pharmacy spectrum working with independent, chain and hospital pharmacies through Cardinal Health, Humana, entrepreneurial start-ups, community pharmacy and academia.

Watch the full webinar to learn more about pharmacogenomics and how a person’s genes affect how they respond to medications. This research is a long-term solution that will help control the cost of healthcare and the severity of claims made.

The analytics and expertise that NavMD brings, we can bring the full picture together and help people see not just the pharmacy spend savings, but also the medical spend savings.

Brad Tice,
Founder & CEO of RxGenomix

Did you know?

A full 50% of medications may not be right for any one individual, all due to their unique genetic profile. That means a medication that may be beneficial or even life-saving for one person could be ineffective or dangerous for another. Getting that one thing right could make a life-changing difference in how long it takes someone to get effective treatment, how many trips to the doctor or hospital it’s going to take, and their quality of life along the way.

The partnership between RxGenomix and NavMD began from a collaborative passion to address the rising costs of healthcare, overprescribing of medication, and ultimately, to improve the standard of healthcare to find the right medication on the first try.

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