Marketplace Webinar

NavMD Chief Strategy Officer Joe Bush sits down with John McFarland, President of ClearTrackHR, to discuss controlling the cost of employee benefits with dependent verification. On average, employers pay $3,000 annually, per dependent, in healthcare costs. Case studies show an estimated 4%-8% of dependents are ineligible.

Identifying and terminating the ineligible dependents can result in significant cost savings for you while allowing you to maintain competitive employee contributions.

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  • Who is ClearTrack HR?
  • What is dependent eligibility verification and how is it different than a dependent audit?
  • How can ClearTrack HR help control the cost of healthcare and how is it different from dependent verification programs?
  • What is the value proposition of NavMD and ClearTrack HR within the marketplace?


John McFarland is the President of Cleartrack HR. He has 20+ years of experience in the Employee Benefit and HR Tech industry. He has served in both sales and management capacities for multiple companies where he has consulted on individual benefits, employee benefit packages, benefits administration platforms and enrollment technology tools. His current responsibilities include overseeing the strategic planning of Cleartrack HR, managing the internal sales activities of the company, as well as developing national partnerships.