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They have the best support team. You can call almost anyone and they will answer instantly.

Brittany Mann,
Underwriting Manager, Moreton & Company



A poor onboarding process can cause immediate dissatisfaction with a client if not done well, leading to distrust and a lack of confidence.

“Onboarding has been absolutely amazing. Their implementation team stays on top of things.”

-Brittany Mann


When the promise of data and insights comes with lag times, delays and errors, the value of that data disappears instantly.

“We had a group who wanted to know how much they were spending n infertility benefits. Prior to NavMD, we pulled the data abstracts – we were looking through everything and we couldn’t find that information. And it literally took me two minutes with NavMD, and was a simple click of the button.”

-Brittany Mann


Neglecting the minute details, overlooking client experience and failing to stay on top of new solutions can result in a loss of quality care and a loss of cost-savings.

NavMD consistently reaches out to new carriers and point solution partners in order to provide a robust offering to all of our clients so they’re prepared to offer their employer groups the solutions and benefits that will improve overall population health and save money.

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