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NavMD helps employers optimize employee benefits by empowering them with health insights to make smarter, more informed decisions.
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NavMD builds the bridge between unstructured data from multiple data providers and migrates the data to a single source of truth. Employers and Consultants find insights to create a unique benefits strategy and take action to optimize employee health benefits.


NavMD provides more than pretty, out of the box dashboards. Our pre-made insights help your team create easy wins. The real POWER is our ability to dig deeper than other health intelligence platforms and drill down to the Member detail to get answers to the most difficult questions.


We have you covered! Our implementation process typically takes less than 30-days to integrate a benefits program. Plus, we don’t limit your support or training. Once “live” we remain an active partner to help find opportunities to deliver better health, better value and better care for Employees.


Optimize your benefits program.

Healthcare costs have outpaced all other costs and they continue to rise. They are typically the #2 expense behind labor costs for many organizations! Employers must figure out ways to optimize their benefit programs, so they can provide the best benefit packages to their people. With unemployment at an all-time low there is continued pressure and more competition to hire the best talent.


A game-changing platform.

Employers turn to their brokers and consultants to help them navigate the challenges for world-class benefits. Our platform is a “game-changer” for advisors helping you gain the edge to identify opportunities, build business cases and measure results.
Health Intelligence Software

Better health, better value and better care!

Clarity allows you to focus on the high-impact items to improve employee health, reduce cost and improve patient experience. 

Find Inefficient Spending

Predict Future Costs

Improve Employee Health

Measure Success

Health Benefits Insight

Unravel the health cost mysteries.

NavMD unravels the health cost mysteries and provides a roadmap for managing them. Zeroing in on the conditions driving management costs in your population, a clear picture of opportunity to lower cost emerges.

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NavMD helps employers optimize employee benefits using health insights.


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