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Best-in-class insights and solutions to reduce costs and improve population health one plan at a time. Because if you don’t…your competition will.

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The right plan and the right solutions matter now more than ever.

Employers need brokers who not only understand the health benefits market but have the technology and resources that will save them money and provide better quality of care.
National health expenditures have almost tripled over the past twenty years.

That’s and increase from $1.5 trillion to $4.3 trillion in 2021.  Employer premiums during that same period have tripled. 

172 million Americans get their health benefits from an employer-sponsored health plan.

Roughly 35,000 employers and 114 million employees are participating in benefits financed through a self-funded health plan leaving the remaining 58 million people on a fully insured plan.   

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Providing world-class benefits needed to hire and retain the best talent is no longer an option.

With increased health benefit costs, employers are taking hits to their bottom line, negatively impacting earnings and losing enterprise value

Family premiums have greatly outpaced earnings AND inflation.

While Employee Earnings have increased 103% and inflation has increased 73%, family premiums have increased a whopping 288%.

Data insights that lead to fast, affordable solutions.

We’ll make it easy for you. Here’s how.


With Census IQ - a predictive analytics tool that immdiately evaluates a prospective risk assessment of any health population.


  1. Identify high-cost claimants, their conditions and pharmaceutical costs
  2. Predict the next 12 months of claims costs.
  3. Understand the distribution, enrollment and costs across coverage and relationship levels.


AI is the driving force behind the future of health care. Automate financial, clinical and experiential reporting in minutes, not days.


  1. Save up to 30 hours per week by automating data collection and processing
  2. Go LIVE with the AVISO platform in 60 days vs. 9-10 months with competitors.
  3. Test different variables and evaluate costs through real-time plan modeling.


Utililizing our real-time savings analysis calculator, you can show employers how you can drill down plan costs based on comprehensive data and proactively manage and adjust their plans


  1. Flexible and extensive reporting capabilities
  2. Actionable insights that match health plans with proven and vetted solutions.
  3. Long-term value.

It’s no competition.

AVISO is unlike any other platform.
Here are a few features you’ll love. 

Vetted point solutions. Real-time plan modeling. Branded content. Speed to launch. 


9-10 months to GO LIVE

Standard, non-customizable reporting. 
Broad, high-level review of all claims.
Generic, unbranded reports.
Plan modeling feature not included. 

60 Days. That’s 4X Faster.

Create your own visual dashboard and interpret data in a way that works for you.
Able to gather in-depth insights into specific high-cost claims at a granular level of detail.
You built your business, now grow it. Distribute branded reports that reflect the quality of your service offering.
Create unique modeling scenarios with the ability to test in real time which variables cause what changes to a specific plan.

Client success stories from the next generation of health care innovators.

The needs of our clients are diverse but are all aligned in creating more value for their organization and the clients and members they serve.  

Better insights drive better costs and better outcomes.

Address the rising costs of healthcare, overprescribing of medication, and improving the standard of healthcare.

Fast and seamless access to financial reporting can save up to 20 hours per week.

Immediate and accessible data.
Ongoing communication and collaboration. Quality care and cost-savings.

Actionable data and actionable insights at your fingertips.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We can tell you about the value we are creating for clients or the revolutionary action we are taking, but we think it’s best to hear it straight from our client’s mouths.

“NavMD has been a true partner in data analytics. Our agency is appreciative for the NavMD attitude of “What Else?” – never resting on laurels of their already incredible solution. NavMD digs deep to discover what is needed in the marketplace, but more importantly, strives to identify what most do not yet know they need to best dissect data and extract a story of action. ”

Courtney Schwagler headshot
Courtney S. Cost Containment Strategist

“Many data analytic companies can determine cost drivers and trends in a population. Even fewer are willing to partner with you to develop long-term strategies based on your clients' needs. NavMD is flexible and goes above and beyond to help develop and implement solutions specific to clients' experiences and needs. The continued development of NavMD has provided valuable access to actionable data in split seconds, keeping our consultants and brokers on the leading edge.”

Curt D Headshot testimonial
Curt D. VP of Health Solutions

“Employee benefits is the second-largest expenditure for employers. With the insights from NavMD, we’re able to deliver on our promise to help our clients lower the cost of their benefits plan. From custom alerts, reporting tools, and the NavMD Marketplace, we are confident that no stone is unturned while helping our clients achieve their goals.”

Tommy H Testimonial
Tommy H. President Employee Benefits

"NavMD has been a long-standing, important partner to True Captive. Leveraging their health data analytics platform saves us time by performing the critical analysis needed to support our employer clients with the insights from their health plan data. NavMD allows us to make data driven decisions by identifying trends and risk areas that inform the strategies we implement to control costs and improve the health of our members.”

David Headshot
David V. CEO of True Captive

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